Celia & Jorge

Every couple marches to the beat of their own drum. But one thing is the same for everyone -- you meet someone who's music to your ears and life becomes a song.

We're Celia & Jorge, the team behind Pabelona Studio. We work with fun-loving, delightfully charming couples who believe in the sophistication of simplicity and who want more than just a wedding video.

With creative professional backgrounds (Celia as an Art Director & Fashion Photographer and Jorge as a Musician & Cinematographer), making artistic movies and photos comes naturally to us. Not long after we first met, we discovered our mutual love for music, film and photography and start making movies together. Countless cameras later, we decided to start our own business. As good friends, we work great together as a team — our styles come together quite well, while still uniquely our own.

We love capturing a wedding day as it unfolds and documenting all the moments and emotions that bring two people together. Your story is unique. It is no one else’s but your own. It is the most honest moment you will have with each other and your love ones. We want to help capture all those moments of honesty, vulnerability and happiness that happen throughout your wedding. Most importantly, we want to help you forever remember how you felt on your big day.

Get in touch. We’d be happy to discuss all the details of your wedding.